• Attention Parents and/or Guardians,

    If you are a parent or legal guardian and currently receive correspondence relating to your child via the USPS, take a moment to sign-up for the KCSD Parent Portal. You can do this by contacting the school contact listed below. 

    The parent portal gives you immediate access to: 

    • Student schedule 
    • Quarterly Progress Reports 
    • NYS Assessment Scores (grades 5-8) 
    • Regents Scores (if applicable) 
    • Bus Information 


    Designated Parent Portal Administrators:

    Kingston High School 

    Class of 2020 – AP Secretary, Lyn Hoffay-Hammerle: lhammerle@kingstoncityschools.org 

    Class of 2021 – AP Secretary, Jillian Witte: jwitte@kingstoncityschools.org

    Class of 2022 – AP Secretary, Rosie Interrante: rinterrante@kingstoncityschools.org

    Class of 2023 – AP Secretary, Patricia Parker: pparker@kingstoncityschools.org 


    J. Watson Bailey Middle School

    Guidance Secretary, Joan Gessner: jgessner@kingstoncityschools.org


    M. Clifford Miller Middle School

    Guidance Secretary, Kathi Dunn: kdunn@kingstoncityschools.org


    Parent Portal Enabled Functions: 

    Kingston High School: 

    • Schedules
    • Transcripts
    • Report Cards 
    • *Buses 
    • Progress Reports 
    • Assessments 
    • Regents 


    Middle Level (JWB & MCM): 

    • Schedules 
    • Report Cards (both ERC & Secondary) 
    • *Buses 
    • Progress Reports 
    • Assessments 
    • Regents – if applicable 


    • Every night, bus routes will sync from the Versa Trans system into eSD. 
    • The data pull is straight from Versa Trans and therefore only uses Trip/Route numbers. It does not have the capability of providing custom bus names for example “frog/turtle/blue, etc.” 
    • The bus information populates under the “buses” tab in eSD. See example below: 

    Bus Chart



    1) The small bus route numbers are only accurate for the am route, no pm small bus routes are established yet in Versa Trans. All small bus students should take the same bus home they take in. 

    2) The small bus times in Versa Trans are not accurate, as they cover the entire district and these routes change daily. The bus company/drivers call all small bus families with pick up times. 

    3) The regular big bus routes are in Versa Trans am and pm. Students should be at their bus stop 10 minutes prior to the listed pick up times. as all times are computer generated and not exactly as the bus might be doing, example buses arrive at the schools within a 10-15-minute time-period. 

    4) Outbound times on all routes small and regular vary greatly, as buses depart from different schools at different times. Times also vary in the pm due to not all stops are made if a student doesn’t ride, is out sick, or stays late. 

    5) Versa Trans times are based on all routes arriving and departing at a set time in Versa Trans and are calculated based upon all eligible students are riding and all stops being made.